Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mike Leaving

In September, my boss annouced he was going to retire at the end of the fiscal year (which had just started, so we still had about 11 months to go). Being that he's our CEO, search parties were formed, and the job was officially posted (probably in half a bazillion places around the internet). In the late winter, the four top candidates came in to interview, and at our convention last month they announced Mike's replacement - a guy from the USTA who seems to be very cool (though today was the first time I ever heard him utter words).
I'm excited for Mike. He's dedicated the better part of his life and professional career to this asssociation and his job. He deserves to retire, to do what he wants when he wants, and to not have to answer to any more ridiculous people (of which I've come to find there are many in a job like his - hell, even in a job like mine). On that same note, I'm sad to see Mike go. He's who gave me this job. I was making a major career move coming here, sitting behind a desk, doing something completely foreign to me, but Mike seemed to see that it was a job I would do and do well (despite having zero prior knowledge of the program whatsoever).
All that being said, I'm excited for a new chapter at work. I debated on whether to try and exit stage left with Mike, or stick it out and see what happens with the new guy. While I did put my hat in the ring for a pretty sweet federal job, those things literally take months to fill, so while it sits over there on the back burner, I will continue to do the job at hand. The speed and effort behind which I put my prospective departure was always dependent on who the new guy would be. Out of the 4 original candidates, I only disliked one. Had that person been the pick, I'da had my resume out to every job within a 20 mile radius within a weeks time. Thankfully that wasn't the case, and I'm looking forward to working with newbie.
There are always things we'd like to change at work. I feel like this is a good chance for our office to make some real changes. I can only imagine how long the list of prospective changes will be at our next CEOAC meeting. All the things we tried to pass by Mike over the last few years will now be presented to the new guy. He's got a different outlook on things, and undoubtedly a different way of doing business. I'm certain that while many things will remain the same, many things will change, and hopefully for the better. This isn't to say that I'm unhappy with my job, or how the office is run. It's more that there are little things that could and should change - things that would make a big difference around here - and boost morale if nothing else.
So, it's all a bit bittersweet. The end of an era if you will. Mike will be gone in just about a month, but the new guy will not start until September 1. This could be an interesting summer.

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