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Wednesday, July 05, 2006 - Laundry and holidays

Wednesday, July 05, 2006
Laundry and holidays
Yesterday was the 4th, and a good one it was. Brad had the day off, so it was nice to get in some family time. Our neighborhood had a pool party/bbq that we headed out to early in the afternoon. By far the busiest I've ever seen the pool (and I've seen it get a little crazy), but everyone had a really great time. Visited with some friends who we met through Josh's soccer team. Double bonus cause he gets to play with his friend and we get to hang out with the parents who are also quite cool. Left a little early to head home and watch my World Cup bracket get completely destroyed. Frankly, I should've stayed at the pool. Nonetheless, it poured the rain down for a bit, but then cleared up so we headed out to the city shindig to sit and wait for the fireworks. They did have a little bit of a street fair set up at the train station, so that was cool. Thank God for our soccer friends or we would've been quite bored sitting there waiting for over two hours for the fireworks to start. Finally, around 9:15 they started and I've gotta say it was probably the best fireworks show I've seen...........ever. I'm pretty sure it was supposed to be choreographed to music, but somewhere along the way that got botched. Didn't matter tho. It was a great show, with several "grand finale" style portions, and an ending so intense it made me think we could possibly be under attack. Mission accomplished if I do say so myself. Sadly, I forgot my camera so none of this was captured on film. Leave it to me. We had prime seats too so the pictures would've been amazing.
Today was somewhat back to normal, only with Brad around. Ran errands in the early afternoon. Shipped off all the stuff I recently sold on eBay, took something back to Target, etc. Got my second order of Nutrisystem food, so I had fun putting all that away (lamenting my lack of cabinet space). Josh and I played "camping" in the boxes. He took some pics of me in a box, but none of them really came out. Probably would've been your comic relief for today.
I'm now on to laundry. I was thinking earlier how Shannon said that everytime she came to my house I was folding laundry. It's a constant. If a day goes by and we're not doing laundry in some capacity then I'm sure to be up all night doing it the next day. If I wait to fold and put it away I'll have 3 baskets full the next day and, again, I'll be up doing it all night. Funny how three people can accumulate so much laundry that it constantly needs to be done. Ah well, such is life............and laundry. Which reminds me that I'm nearly outta Tide and I need to pick up some more tomorrow.
Supposed to see Welbilt at Friday Night Live in Herndon in 2 days. Definitely looking forward to that. One, it's a free show, outside. Two, the whole fam damily can go. So Josh can see them (he loves them), and Brad too, if they don't cancel since he's planning on going. I'm gonna seriously need to start a part time job just to fund my outings to their shows for the rest of the summer, so if any of you are hiring let me know. :)

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