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Monday, May 21, 2007 - Crazy Whack June

Monday, May 21, 2007
Crazy Whack June
Well, it looks as though May is nearly over which brings to us the month of June. Normally this would be a time that I cherish as school is out, I'd get to lie by the pool daily and try my damnedest to get a decent tan (and perhaps actually get in and swim). For years and years I've been relishing June. Always a time of fond memories of NATA convention, hanging out with friends, and the start of summer. Alas, this year will be different....waaaaaaaaaaay different.
Now, don't get me wrong - I LOVE my new job. It's really fantastic. I feel like I'm really accomplishing things - for the first time ever in my career. I don't feel like I'm constantly fighting for what's right (or at least I'm not fighting in vain anymore). However, seeing how this is NOT an Athletic Training job, it does require one to actually WORK over the summer. While this entire concept is foreign to me, I figure that nearly everyone actually WORKS in the summer, so I could at least give it a try. Turns out, the craziest time, thus far in my new job will be the month of June.
(Disclaimer: Some of these events are self inflicted, but nonetheless, add to the craziness.)
The month will start off relatively slowly for me. My mother will be highly occupied on vacation in Arizona, so that's one less bit of stress for me. However, once the second week rolls around, it gets a bit hairy.
June 9-11 - I'll head to Dallas for about 2 days - 1 to visit with family - 1 to present to Youth Market Directors at AHA on AAHPERD and what we do. Hoping this all goes well.
June 16th - Bean's Baby Shower - Yes folks, our Bean will beget a baby bean and we shall call him......well, Peter. Regardless, babies command parties and this one will be held at my joint. If you've been invited, for God's sake, RSVP! If not, well, I'm terribly sorry. I'm just praying that only half of the invitees actually show up - my house is not big. Wish me luck!
June 20-23 - LDC - This is a work event, thankfully here in DC. For 3 days, State AHPERD leaders will descend on DC to learn, network, and listen to my presentations on my program and why they need to buck up and help themselves out (yes, it's a very long story, which I'll explain if you ask).
June 21st - Dinner with Deve and Gayle of the Northwest District where I'll be sponsoring a JRFH/HFH Workshop at their convention on an Alaskan ferry boat next summer. We've got lots and lots of planning to do. Yes, that was alot of work jargon that none of you understand, sorry.
June 22nd - Laura Lea & Tripp Fabulous at Friday Night Live - I cannot wait! EVERYONE should come to this!
June 23-25 - A world children art event - also in DC. I can't remember the name of this actual festival, but it involves child artists from around the world coming to DC for a week to display their art, learn, and visit. I wanted so badly to be a host family, but I'll be leaving prior to the end of the week long stay :(
June 26-30 - NATA Convention - Anaheim! Woohoo! Thankfully the month goes out with a bang as Shannon and I (and Jason, and Lonnie, and probably a few more of my ATC friends) head to L.A. to gather up our precious 25 CEUs for the year. NATA Convention is always sure to be a good time with friends and new friends and parties and learning and networking and I could go on all damn day, but I won't. (p.s. - those of you copping out this year are really missing it....boooooo!)
Once all of the madness ends, 4th of July will be here and I will most certainly welcome the break! July, thus far, is a relatively empty calendar for me, as is August, but then things pick up again in September.

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