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Sunday, May 07, 2006 - Recap and Changes

Sunday, May 07, 2006
Recap and Changes I've made some changes to my page. Yes, the massive friends section is gone. I'd say you can all thank Chris Poe for this, but he's deleted his MySpace page and apparently handed the reins over to his signficant other who is now doing a fine job of maintaining her own page. Again, I really like to be able to make changes to that section and I just can't do it easily with all those people on there. Even with just a few, it's such a deal with it. Moving on........
Katie came for the weekend. Had a nice visit. Went out for a little while for Cinco de Mayo with my friends (she think you're all very nice, btw). Went to Josh's soccer game yesterday where he actually kicked the ball repeatedly for a change.........his best game yet really. Today was the big birthday party. It went over very well. The kids ran and played and jumped and thrashed about, it was a good time. Josh got lots and lots of new toys, and hasn't even opened the ones from us yet. We're saving those for his actual birthDAY. Tomorrow starts my two months home with Josh. I made a list today of the things that need to be done to and around the house during that time and tomorrow I am going to try and sit down and make a plan of action for tackling the Smithsonian and other points of interest. Two weeks until our trip to NY.

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