Friday, April 9, 2010

Sunday, March 05, 2006 - Iceball..........oh wait, that's supposed to be baseball.....

Disclaimer: This is the first of MANY blog entries from my old MySpace blog. I'm thinking I'm going to cancel the account, but I didn't want to lose the blogs.

I think that somewhere in the rule books there should be a section under inclimate weather that states if the temperature (windchill included) drops below 38 degrees on any given day, that the game/games should be rescheduled for a different, much warmer, day. Today actually seems like it may warm up and not be too entirely insufferable. Let me just say that on Friday, while the poor little girls from Trinity were out there in shorts, it was 30 below freakin zero and that was before the windchill factor. Amazingly I never had to call 911 or treat a single girl for hypothermia, but that was purely by the grace of God and definitely not due to the weather. And, it only took my feet about 3 hours to completely defrost themselves and regain feeling.

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