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Monday, April 10, 2006 - Beautiful day......

Monday, April 10, 2006
Beautiful day......
Today was so gorgeous. It wasn't too hot, wasn't too windy, wasn't too cold.......just awesome. Got my help for the rest of the school year squared away which is the most I could ever hope for. Met Chris today, who will be coming to help me out on odd days when he's available. Really cool kid. Only been certified about a year, gettin ready to go to PA school (another ATC down the tube), but rather cool, easy going, and helpful. Then I've got Shannon coming in whenever she can to help me out, so I think I've got the bases covered for the rest of the year. Mind you, the rest of the year is like a whole 3 weeks, but still. There's alot of games on top of all the other stuff that needs to be accomplished.
I'm so excited for the summer to be here. When the weather gets nice, like it was today, I can't help but wanna pull out all my shorts, hit the tanning bed one more time, and wear sandals every day. I've got so many things I want to do this summer, I need to make a schedule to get it all done. I've got a vision now of what I want my guest room to be, and let's just say that there's a long way to go. It needs a table of some sort, the chair from the living room, paint, all the boxes gone. This could take all summer. On top of that I've still go the stair challenge ahead of me. I really need to take my next free day and work on the stairs some more. Honestly, since my last posting of "The Stair Challenge" I've done nada.

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