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Tuesday, August 08, 2006 - This past Saturday night...........

Tuesday, August 08, 2006
This past Saturday night...........
Well, as I've told many of you.......I've got blog material for weeks to come based on my past weeks experience with the PanAm games. I am gonna start; however, with the end. By far it was the best time I've had in awhile, not to mention the best time I had all week. Plus, it's just a fun story.
Ok, so my original plans for Saturday night were to attend a "slumber party" at Bean's house with the girls. I was quite excited to go and was totally looking forward to it.....until.......I got the PanAm schedule and discovered that the games would not be over until late on Saturday night. Thus, killing my chances of making it to the party.
I'd met some Canadians at the PanAm games and we had a pretty good time hanging out/working together over the course of the week so I thought I'd see if they'd like to go out after everything was finished on Saturday night. Hell, we were already in the city so there wasn't far to go. Anyway, we agreed to go out to Rumors, and I'd called a few friends and invited them along. Come 11pm Saturday night, the only people going were the Canadians, Eli, his friend Neil, and myself. This is just fine by me. We don't need a big group. We all dance and have a couple of drinks and a good time in general. The Canadians have to leave around 2ish cause they were on a flight out around 11am. At 2:30 Rumors is closing so Eli, Neil and I head back to the garage to get my car outta hock. I was completely exhausted due to a serious lack of sleep (I was going on about 22.5 hours of up time), and maybe a smidge more Sapphire and tonic then I needed for that level of energy. So we decide that Eli is gonna drive my car outta DC and back to Ballston where there just so happens to be an IHOP (and his car). Eli isn't much for driving in DC, but they don't call me GPS for nothing so I get us out quickly and easily. As we cross over the Potomac I say "hey, let's take the GW parkway." As we're crusing down the parkway, Eli declines to heed my suggestion that the exit we need is just around the bend to the left and speeds right on past it. Well, now we're on a part of the parkway that I can safely say I've never.........ever......been on. I know eventually we'll end up in Maryland and that's all I know. We get to an exit and turn around. Well, there's no exit coming south on the parkway for Spout Run (which is what we needed the first time) so we have no choice but to go to Georgetown and turn around. Well, once we get in to Georgetown and turn around we proceed to not cross back over the Key Bridge, but instead get on the Whitehurst Parkway. This takes us to the Kennedy Center where I give up and say "just get on 66." So, we take 66 back to Ballston and have some IHOP. After that we all get in our respective cars and drive home which, in hind sight, was a horrible idea. By that time I was so unbelieveably tired that I barely made it there. I pulled in to my house at exactly 5am, thus finishing out my full 24 hours without sleep. Thanks Eli, for calling to check on me though. I truly appreciate it. Can't wait for our next DC club adventure :)

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