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Sunday, May 21, 2006 - Exhausted

Sunday, May 21, 2006
Got back from NY today. It was a quick trip, even though it wasn't that short. Four days goes by rather quickly. Had flight hassels going, had flight hassels coming. I swear I'm never flying in or outta that place again cause it's always a freakin fiasco. Regardless, we had a nice visit with my sister. Did get to see Jeremy for just a little while, and a no go with Vinny cause he'd already had some plans to go outta town (my fault for not letting him know we were coming to town sooner). We took a ride on the Staten Island Ferry so Josh could see the Statue of Liberty as well as get nice views of the city while taking a ride on a big boat. Then we headed over to the Central Park Zoo. Whilst on the subway a monsoon insued outside and soaked us when we came out, forcing us under conveneiently placed tents for the AIDS Walk which happend today. After 15 minutes of monsooning it did let up enough for us to make it around the corner and in to the zoo. Had a lovely time there and saw lots of animals. Will post pics of the highly entertaining sea lions and odd and assorted other creatures once I get a chance. Later that evening we had some killer (and cheap) Indian food at an extremely interesting joint (to say the least) and then went to see Over The Hedge. On Saturday we took Josh to the Intrepid to see the planes, and the boat, and the Concord, and the submarine (which we actually missed, but he wasn't old enuf to do the tour anyway so it didn't matter). We then headed to John's for some pizza and to Toy's R Us where we raided the candy shop after another fruitless effort to find bristle-blocks. Met up with Katie's friend Nicole who was quite nice and fun and we all made out way over to the park to meet up with Jeremy and listen to a guy play guitar. This was also a pretty good time and he's there every weekend so maybe it's something we'll do again. Yesterday evening we all (Katie, Bekir, Josh, Jean and myself) headed out for Chinese in the neighborhood and then all, except Jean, went down to Soho to get some rice pudding at Rice to Riches. Now, Katie said we were going to get some rice pudding. Ok, I like rice pudding. I'm assuming this is a joint that just happens to have some killer rice pudding on the menu or we wouldn't be making the trek. No, I was wrong. This is a rice pudding shop. All they have is rice pudding. Like an ice cream shop, with many many different flavors, only instead of ice cream, it's rice pudding. Good stuff. And they serve it in these nifty little containers with nifty spoons which I brought home and will be packing Brad's lunch in next time I decide to cook it for him. Yesterday I tried Man-made Marscapone, Almond (I can't remember the rest of the name) and Chocolate Hazelnut Bear Hug. All very good. You don't have to be particularly excited by rice or pudding to dig this place, you just have to be willing to try a different dessert item. Anyway, on with the story. After that we took a little walk around Soho and in to the village. We went by Katie's school and had a looksy. It was nice. Today we went to brunch at Cafe Luka (which is sorta my sister's version of the Seinfeld Diner only with much nicer employees and good food), and took a quick trip shopping cause I desperately needed some new shoes. Thankfully I found some shoes at the first store, on sale, and we proceeded on. Went back, packed up, came home (no need to rehash the airport traffic nonsense).
I'm quite tired from the whole trip. I don't walk that much. I'm so freakin dependent on my car it's absolutely rediculous, but really, where am I gonna walk to? I walk the dog. Here in a week I'll walk to the pool. It's not like I can walk to the Safeway, or the CVS, or even to a local diner. I suppose that's the price you pay for living outside of the city. Half of me would like to be able to walk everywhere, and the other half would like to move to Arizona, in a not so urban neighborhood. I'm gonna end this now before I start on a tangent about how angry I am with my job and how much I'll still probably stay there for at least another year.

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