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Monday, April 24, 2006 - Happenings of all sorts

Monday, April 24, 2006
Happenings of all sorts
Where to start. Ok..........we'll start with the weekend. Saturday was Josh's first ever soccer game. It poured down the rain, but soccer does not stop for rain, so they kids played. I was really surprised, but Josh ran out there and played most of the game. He was soaked, but didn't really seem to mind. Sunday I was supposed to work because we had a softball game scheduled. So, I got up, went to work, set up the field, taped an ankle, read some of my book, ate lunch and then went back over to the field. Other team didn't show up............ So I dumped it all out, put it away and went home. Yes, that basically shot my whole day.
Now for today. Get to work and the Mystics are in for their week or so of preseason camp. Fine and dandy, I've met with their athletic trainer and he's cool. Get an email that we're having a quick department meeting at 1pm so I head up to that. Here I get news that Michelle will be leaving us on May 12th to take the NCAA Compliance position at Kutztown. Well, now it's official..........nobody is flying the big spaceship we all call work that is hurling at amazing speeds thru outerspace. Frankly I'm happy for Michelle. She deserves better then what she's got going on at GU. So as of May 12th I'll be the only chic in the whole athletic department (as a full time employee anyway, there is one other chic who is a part time coach). Mind you, less then a year ago when I came to this job I was one of 4 full time chics with 2 part time chics to boot. Do you get the feeling the place has fallen apart yet? Moving on..............
I made a call to Barry to let him know that I am now officially the only chic. He agreed that more chics need to be hired. A boon in my quest to hire Shannon on as the assistant ATC for next year. This entire nonsense of a issue is still up in the air which causes me some amount of grief daily. I can't fathom why it's such a difficult decision to make, especially when I'm virtually the only person who will be impacted by the decision. He's supposed to come up on Thursday so hopefully some progress will be made at that time.
I am soooooooooo looking forward to the end of this week. All of the sports will have finished and I will be home free. Just simple things to finish up. A few phone calls to make. A few coaches to meet with. Coolers to lock down, waterbottles to put away. Trying to make plans to go out on Saturday night and celebrate this monumentous occasion.

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