Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday, April 07, 2006 - Rain, rain, go wait, stick around another day.

Such a blah day today, but honestly I can't complain too much. I REALLY hate having to give up a day of my weekend to come in here and suffer through baseball and/or softball, so if the rain continues through tonight and in to tomorrow (as it should) then I'll get my day off which'll be a bonus. There's absolutely nothing going on here today which I also shouldn't complain about because usually there's more stuff to do then I'd like to admit. Yesterday in my down time I cleaned out my desk. Actually didn't take too long which was good, but it's very organized now. For some strange reason there are coaches here who'd like to ignore the fact that it's pouring down the rain and is predicted to continue this trend through tomorrow. They still insist that it's going to miraculously stop, the fields will flash dry, and there will be games tomorrow. Maybe I'm just more of a realist. I've got no problem seeing rain and mud and general wetness and saying "hey, there's no way we're playing on this field tomorrow." Hell, they can't even decide (while it's currently raining outside) whether or not to have practice inside or outside today. I'm guessing this is on the off chance that the whole cessation of rain/flash dry of the fields will occur within the next hour. That there is just common sense. In other news. I think my plans for the weekend have been scrapped and I also think there's little to no chance of me going out next Thursday to see a band. I'd hate to think that I won't be going out again until after school's out, but there's a chance that'll happen. Blah.

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