Friday, December 18, 2009

Home for the holidays

It is t-1 week until Christmas. I guess I'm done with my shopping.... not that there was alot to get done in the first place. My tree is up, but still remains only partially decorated. Josh and I put a solid effort forth last night, but we bought a pretty tall tree this year and Brad is the only one tall enough to reach the top. Considering that we're flat broke - I did manage to get several nice things for Josh. Brad won a Wii and Wii Fit at his company party, but gave the Wii back for someone else to win since we already have one. He kept the Wii Fit, so that'll be a nice one under the tree from Santa. For the first time since I've been working a "9-5" job, I am taking off the week between Christmas and New Years. Our office is open, but it always a barren waste land. I can't do much work because the people I primarily work with are teachers, and they're not working. The rest of them are folks who also work with teachers, so they're not working either. I figure I've got the time to take, so why not use it to enjoy my holiday. Josh will be off of school, my babysitter is going to Venezuela, so it just makes sense for me to be home. Too bad Brad won't be able to join us. I can think of so many projects we could get done if we were all home together for several days.