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Tuesday, May 02, 2006 - Is it bad?

Tuesday, May 02, 2006
Is it bad?
Is it bad that I think I'm funny. I've just read over my Top 40 again and I think it's quite funny. Speaking of funny.......... Went out to dinner and had a general hang out with my cousin Julie and her roomie/bff Morganne whom I've actually spent more time with then Julie lately. This is due to Morganne's anthropology project on athletics in the deaf culture, I'm sure you can see where I was involved. Anyway, went and hung out with Julie for a few hours. Saw their dorm room........and it was a disaster area.......too funny. I never had a dorm room, but I can imagine that mine would've been a disaster area similar to that at least once a semester. After that we went and walked down M St. and visited a few shops, sat in a lovely little courtyard and drank our frappuccinos, and had a nice chit chat about internships and what their true purpose is. Then Morganne joined us and we walked over to a restaurant and had some pretty good Mexican food. During the dinner they had me crying I was laughing so hard. Just over the stupidest, silliest stories. Makes me wish I was still in college creating my own stupid silly stories. Anyway, a really lovely visit all in all. Got to meet a couple of their friends and got a small sneak peak at one of Morganne's prospective boy toys (kid has no clue what he's missing).
Also.......didn't go to work today. Got up about 8:30 and there was a message on my phone from Nabine (the ATC from the Mystics) asking if there was a back way to get on campus. Apparently the rioting hadn't stopped at all and the team couldn't get in to have their practice. Lovely, and funny. Then around 9ish Ed called to basically say the same thing. Can't get on. He parked off campus and walked on. I decided to just forego this adventure alltogether and stay home. This gave me some time to work on the guest room. I did make a bit of headway. Threw out 2 boxes of stuff. Organized a few things. Hung up a shelf. Put some things away. Now I need to sprinkle some crap on the carpet and vacuum to make it all nice and flower fresh before Katie comes in 2 days. I suppose putting sheets on the bed wouldn't hurt either. I really can't wait until next week when I can really hit that room with all my free time and make it something nice. Still on the hunt for a little table to put the lamp on. I've got one to use for now, but it's not at all what I want to have. I need something squareish, with drawers, and an older look/feel to it. I'd like for it to relatively go with the chest and hutch that's also in there. Also, I think I'm gonna find a nice border and put it at chair rail level and paint the bottom of the wall green. Leave the top the beigy color it is now. Are you bored yet?
3 more days until I'm off off off. Cannot wait!

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