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Wednesday, June 28, 2006 - Blogging makes it better :)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006
Blogging makes it better :)
Ok, so I'm about fed up with the rain. Today wasn't even the wave, brief sunshine, wave, kinda day......... it was full on rain.........all damn day. It's starting to affect me adversely. I'm really holding out hope that Thursday will truly be a "day of rest" and the sun will come out and things will dry up. Maybe I can begin to work on my tan and take a much needed walk (somewhere other then up and down the 37 freaking steps inside my house). Of course, then it's just supposed to start raining again on Friday and through the weekend. My poor dog doesn't know where to pee now cause everything is drenched. Frankly, one would think in times like this he'd pee on every bush he came to cause it's all clean and free from scent after all the rain. Honestly, I did not get on here to blog about dog moving on.
Want to acknowledge Eli's new position as a recruiter for the feds. Way to go Eli. I told you things would get better soon :)
I have been making pretty good use of my forced time in the house. Yesterday I cleaned out the downstairs closet while watching World Cup (where the Suiss killed my bracket). It looks a bazillion times better now (the closet, not the bracket.....damn French got me today). And, yesterday evening I finally broke open those cord keeper thingys I bought awhile back and hid the cords for the TV very nicely. I also went through some boxes and got rid of or put away the crap that was in them. It's amazing how long something can sit in a box right in front of your face and you never do anything about it. I put several things on Freecycle also, and one of them will be gone tomorrow. Who knows about the other two. If I don't get any responses on them by the end of the week I'll just chuck em'. I managed to take the pile of stuff I wanted to sell on Ebay and actually post it. Two things have bids and the other is being heavily watched. Also have a couple things from the aforementioned boxes to post on Craigslist too. I'm a sellin' fool........I know.
I baked a cake this evening and made homemade frosting for it. I'm not usually very Betty Crockerish, but when challenged I can pull off some crazy crap. I've also been cooking with stuff that exists in my cabinets. This is a new concept to me as normally I'll just go out and buy what I need and not ever look in the pantry to see what I've already got. Today I substituted milled flax seed for eggs. Cake was killer ('s not on my diet) as was my homemade frosting.
Had a really great chat with Jason Kubiak today too. Not like I never talk to the guy (see, Jas, I really do talk about you to other people), but usually we have short chats that are relatively meaningless, but today we had a really good talk about all sorts of stuff that actually had meaning. And I now have a new nice thing to add my list (the really short one) of nice things Jason has said to me (oh shut up, it's a joke). It's just nice to know you're appreciated, even if it is 10 years later. Ah, the benefits of good friendships :)
Had another moment of wanting to desperately move to Fairfax and briefly considered selling my house.........again.........but then I got over it. Definitely need to stick it out here one more year. We have a good house, in a nice neighborhood. There's no reason to jump the gun and move now. Just wish there was a better way to solve the unfortunate situation we got in to when we bought this place. And, it would be nice to be able to take the subway to work everyday instead of wasting so much money on gas.
Barring any major sunshine breakthroughs tomorrow I think I'll tackle this pile of crap here next to the computer desk. It just needs to be dealt with in an efficient manner, which probably means more freecycle, ebay, and craigslist. I've also gotta sit down and pay all my bills which I deeply despise. Really, who enjoys that tho?
Oh, almost forgot. Got my first bottle from the Virginia Wine of the Month Club that Bean, Brett, Meghan, Jere, Brad and I all joined when we went to the Taste of Virginia Wine Festival. That was a really good time and I'm excited to be getting new wines (especially ones I wouldn't try) every month. This bottle is from Farfelu Vineyards and it's called Elan. It's a 65% Chardonnay 35% Vigonier blend, which I hope will be exciting. I usually dig blends. You get the best of both worlds :)
Would have a little bitchfest over the World Cup and how screwed up my bracket is right now, but I can't seem to find my bracket. Oh wait, it was in the pile to be dealt with tomorrow. Ok, so I've got Germany still fighting for me. Switzerland, you betrayed me.......and in penalty kicks nonetheless.....awful. Italy is still on board.......heart their sideburns. I'm really devastated over Spain. How could you go down to the French? How? Brazil still hanging in there. Ok, so really the only part of my bracket that is screwed up is Switzerland and Spain. I should stop bitching now. I've got Germany going all the way, but I like a nice neat bracket, not one that's all scratched up. Everyone enjoy my nice elaborate ADD moment? Good. I'm gonna head to bed now, but good typing at with you all soon :)

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