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Tuesday, May 02, 2006 - Oh the drama.........

Tuesday, May 02, 2006
Oh the drama.........
Ok, let me start by saying that I broke down and spent the last hour of my life making one of those crazy Top 40 friends thingys. Don't get too attached to it folks. I really like to see people change their default pics and names and such, this doesn't allow for such changes unless I make them myself and at an hour a pop.........well I just can't see it happening too often. I just happen to be up, my TV is broken, there's too much laundry to fold and work is falling apart as I type. Additionally, if, for whatever reason, you are not on, or are not happy with your position in the top 40, please spare me the grief. It took me an HOUR. I forgot who was and was not on the stupid thing. And, I paid little to no attention to the order I put people in. After the first 5 I just started slapping them on. Now, on to bigger and more important things.
Today at work they announced the new president of Gallaudet University. Unfortunately the worst possible candidate got the job. This is bad news. Especially bad news for the athletics department. I'm EXTREMELY uncertain as to the future of the athletics program and it's success. May or may not go in to work tomorrow, depending on how the rioting is going.
In other news........I think I've worked out a deal of some sort with Brad where I will get to attend "girls night" weekly with my new friends. This is pretty exciting to me as I haven't had anyone to just hang out with in over 6 years. Now, nobody get offended, but really, when was the last time we just "hung out"?????????????? Ya, that's what I thought. Unless I came to see you for the weekend or something it was when we were in college and that, my friend, was 6 years ago. I did kinda hang out with Allison and Shannon in grad school, but not really that much. Shannon, you and your damn allergies!!!!!!!!
Moving on. Congratulations to Jeremy on his new digs in the city. I know this is something he's wanted for quite some time and now it's a reality. Cannot wait to see the new joint.
Also, those of you Welbilt show will be at TT's on May 12th, please show up!!!

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