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Monday, March 20, 2006 - Back to

Well, spring break is over. Thankfully it turned out to be a really long week with relatively nice weather (except for the day I had to come in to work the high school game in gale force winds.) Did manage to accomplish a few things. The begining of the stairs for instance, and a good bit of laundry. Last night I booked a trip to NY to visit Katie and crew for a few days in May. It'll be Josh's first trip to the city so it should be interesting. I spent tons of time there when I was growing up visiting my aunt and cousins so I think he'd be missing out if he didn't get the same chance. I can't expect Katie to live there forever (and frankly I hope she doesn't...........still hunting out places in Arlington KT). Got Josh started on his swimming lessons and I'm really hoping that today he'll actually want to get in the pool. Soccer should be starting soon (still waiting to hear from the coach) so that'll be something fun for him to do 3 days a week as well. Had a revelation last night that while I've got a couple of months off over the summer and Josh and I will be hanging out for most of it, I should take this opportunity to expose him to the culture that we have here in DC. I think he can handle a trip to the Smithsonian once a week, and over 8 weeks we would get alot of subjects covered.
Meanwhile, I've got plenty to do here at work before Kendra leaves. Seems as tho she's got lots of connections here, and I've got none. I don't even know what the copier code is incase my little one here in the office craps out and I have to use the big one upstairs. Thankfully she seems to have been thinking the same thing cause I see here she's got a list of things that need to be covered and it's the same list I've got. Came in today and she'd virtually cleared out all of her things which makes the place look amazing bigger.
We've got tons of games this week, but it's supposed to rain/snow so I don't know how many we'll actually get in.

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