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Monday, July 17, 2006 - Visiting, shows, parties, and work........

Monday, July 17, 2006
Visiting, shows, parties, and work........
Let's see..........last I left off, we'd just had a fantastic 4th and were moving on to bigger and better things. Took the fam to the Welbilt show at Friday Night Live. All was well till Josh decided (1/3 of the way in to the Welbilt portion of the show) that he'd had enough. I do not take kindly to this inclination and spend the rest of the evening trying desperately to entertain the child. By the end of night I was full on playing tag, running through the crowd, around and around. I believe Jeff was there laughing at me. Anyway, show was good. Remind me to leave the fam at home next time I want to enjoy a concert tho. The next day Ed had a going away bbq for the other Ed who was leaving GU for somewhere in the midwest that starts with an "M" with his fiance where she'd just gotten a teaching job. Very sad to see the other Ed go, and will sorely miss our van rides together to the away games. Had a nice time visiting with everyone at the bbq. Got to see Kerry's new baby, Logan. Josh got to play with everyone and hang out with Ed's kids, Maddy and Wyatt.
Monday I went back to work for a week with the boy's basketball camp. It was hot, it was humid, and there were 37, 12-17 year old boys sweating profusely in the gym. Good times. Overall the camp was great. The kids were cool, easy going, and nobody got really hurt. At the high school we had the "elite" camp going on with 22 boys, all 15-18. Up there they got a little more beat up, but nobody died, so I had that going for me. Really glad to be back off for another two weeks. Pan Am games will be the first week in August and then I'll be off again until the 10th when I'll be back full time (at least in some capacity until camp starts the 20th).
Last night was Bean's Very Pink Birthday Party. This was a good time. I was a bit upset cause I had to miss out on the birthday dinner that actually occured on her birthday, but there was really no way for me to make it with my work schedule. I was thrilled to be able to hit up the party though. It was a typical party (for my group anyway), only with an EXTREMELY PINK theme. You'll notice if you look at my pics, the EXTREME PINKNESS of it all. I've come to realize that my shirt matched the table cloths exactly. That's a bit scary, but what'll ya do?
Today we made our first "school shopping" trip. Target is having a sale on school supplies so we made our way out there to see what they had to offer. Josh picked out a Superman backpack, a dinosaur lunch box, a Hummer folder, some makers, scissors, crayons, and glue sticks. This was all very exciting. Brad got a few things as well, and as we left I remembered that I'd wanted to look for a jean skirt. While working the other day I saw a couple of girls wearing really cute jean skirts and thought I should have a cute jean skirt too. After dropping Brad and Josh off at the driving range with Nick, I made my way up to Old Navy where I tried on 4 jean skirts. Only one was bad, but I had to choose between the other three cause really, I don't need three jean skirts. Picked out a cool one that was weathered and worn and fringed a bit and looked as though I'd painted while wearing it some 15 years ago (this, oddly, was a look I was going for). Also found a cute tank top that I'd been eyeing on sale for 75ff (SCORE)! Definitely plan on wearing this new outfit to the Welbilt show this Thursday at the Grill. So, if you're reading this, and you're available, you need to head to the Grill on Thursday (around 10ish).
Pics of all of the aforementioned events can be found in my pics in the folders "July" and "Bean's Very Pink Birthday."

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