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Tuesday, November 07, 2006 - How I got the bubonic plague

Tuesday, November 07, 2006
How I got the bubonic plague
So I started my new job a week ago. So far, so good. Had some serious trouble with traffic and such the first couple of days so I had no option but to take the VRE in. This is fine and dandy, but it leaves me little option but to catch a train home at 6:56pm. I can't go any earlier and I can't go any later. There are pros and cons to this. It does give me some additional exercise tho, and I'm relatively greatful for that. I'm a little bit worried about how all this sitting on my butt all day will affect my newly found skinnier self, but I've been trying not to eat junk all day and I've also been trying to make it more of a power walk to and from the subway/train.
Let me tell you all how I managed to dodge the pneumonia/bronchitis bullet at the big G. Seriously, every kid in the joint had some form of flu like ailment over the course of October and I managed to come out unscathed. I knocked on wood ALOT. Somehow, in the back of my mind, I knew that as soon as I left it would all come raining down on me like SARS, or the Bird Flu (take your pick of modern day plagues here). Sure enough, I started last Wednesday and by Friday I was sick. Felt a bit crappy during the day on Friday, but certainly not so bad that I would skip out on my much anticipated Happy Hour. Got about 5 hours in to it and could not take anymore. I felt as though my throat might fall right out at any moment and my head was begining to hurt. This was not a good sign as I'm a bit too prone to strep. I awoke Saturday morning to find my throat better, not worse as I had anticipated, but still feeling under the weather. Made it out to Josh's soccer game, came home, and spent several hours napping. Still feeling pretty crappy I hauled myself outta bed and trekked over to JC Penney to take advantage of a sale and get some clothes to wear to work. Sunday I still felt bad, but made it to yet another soccer game. I finally visited McKay's Used Books and loaded up on John Grisham hardbacks at $4 a pop! Can you believe it? I was shocked and amazed. Too bad they didn't have any Dan Brown (at least I couldn't find it). After that I went by CVS to grab some drugs to curb my increasing illness. Monday morning I manged to get in to work without incident, but felt really awful the whole day. Two people were out sick, so I know it's not just me. Today was considerably worse and I'm quite certain now that I have the plague of some sort. For starters, when I got up this morning I didn't bother taking a good look in the mirror before showering. Upon putting in my contacts I noticed a large "blister" next to my already split open mouth. It looked like a big drop of water so I went to wipe it away. It immediately popped and the skin peeled off. Basal cell carcinoma is what it looks like. I'll have to wait and see how it progresses from here before I make a final diagnosis, though. How does one end up with a basal cell carcinoma when she slathers on the sunblock and spends most of her time inside? It happens......I know. To make matters worse my entire forehead proceeds to breakout with painful bumps.............WHAT THE HELL! Now I am truly convinced something is seriously wrong with me. I can't eat, drink, or touch my face without some form of pain. I made it in to work, but felt really awful all day long. At one point, after downing my second shot of Robitussin for the day I raided the company pill cabinet and took 2 Advil. Normally this is a cureall for me and I feel ten-bazillion times better. Not so much today, although I can tell you that I felt worse again when it wore off.
I took my time getting to the train this evening as I had about 45 minutes to get there. Enjoyed a cheese danish which seemed to make my day alot better. I felt pretty good once I got home, although my face still hurt considerably. I've decided that if I don't feel alot better when I get up in the morning, I'll make an appointment to see the doctor. This will involve having to call out of work (which isn't a good thing in your first week).
In my bedtime prayers tonight I'll be asking specifically to wake up with a face free from plague-like blemishes, no hacking cough, and an absence of phlegm in my chest.

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