Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday, March 31, 2006 - The Office Diaries

I'm rather new to MySpace so I'm sure none of you have read a blog yet about the furnace that is my office. Today was really the first day of the year thus far that I've experienced these hellish conditions, but let me just tell you that last summer it was nearly unbearable.
To start, there are only two temperatures here in the building......hell frozen over, or hell ablaze. Not to say that my job is hell, but more to say that those are the prevailing weather conditions in this building. Last summer we went from wearing sweats one day to keep warm (Katie once noted it was about to snow while doing her homework at my desk) to stripping down to our skivvies and showering in the middle of the day the next. It was a lose lose situation. There was rarely, if ever, a day where one might be comfortable in the clothing she'd worn to work that day. Additonally, the really expensive NATA certificate hanging on my wall was showing signs of water damage from condensation that had built up on it during the "hell ablaze" days. You see, in the athletic training room we have plenty of water, we've got whirlpools, and an ice machine, 2 sinks, 2 hoses..... So when we have a "hell ablaze" day it's not only hot, it's EXTREMELY humid. I came very close to taking down my masters degree and putting it back in my house because I was afraid of further damage to it. (Note to self: Make sure you take all documentation home over the summer.)
For some reason I just thought this year would be different. How silly of me. Earlier I thought it was just because I was really busy running around trying to get thigns taken care of, but alas, I was wrong. At this very moment I'm sitting here, quite relaxed, typing away, and sweating profusely. Disgusting....yes........unexpected..........well, no. I'll have to remember to pack myself some more clothes to bring in tomorrow so that I can have a fresh stock in my locker for when I'll need to shower in the middle of the day.

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