Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The world is full of stupid people

Just when I think things are fine and dandy I find myself right in the middle of numerous situations involving incredibly stupid people. If it was just a single incident I would probably not get all bent out of shape. I'd chalk it up to general stupidity and move along. Unfortunately these things come in waves, and before I know it there's just stupid person after stupid person beating down my door (no, not my actual door, but my door in theory). I don't deal well with stupid people. If they're really dumb and annoying I find myself completely infuriated with the entire situation and I have to do something to remove myself. This becomes a challenge when it's not just one person, but many people and many situations. Why, why are people so incredibly stupid? I just don't understand what makes a 70 year old act like a 4th grader. I also don't understand why you tell someone something specific a bazillion times only to have them act as though you never said anything at all. I do my best to be as specific and detailed as possible to give people the best opportunity to be informed. Why then do they decide to just ignore everything I've said? I'm at a loss, I really am. Days like today make me wanna find a different job and leave it all behind. Sadly, that's really me taking it out on the wrong people. The people AT my actual job have done nothing wrong. It's other people I'm forced to deal with that drive me straight up the wall - and not even all the time, just periodically. Perhaps I need a new approach. I will not answer emails, I will not provide ridiculous amounts of information. Perhaps I'll provide no information. Maybe then people will stop acting so stupid and actually think and act like responsible adults? Probably not, but one can hope.

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