Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Church?

Believe it or not, we actually attend church.... every once in awhile anyway. I'd like to say we're regular Sunday morning folks, but half the time I am working on Sunday and need to be out the door by noon, and the other half of the time I've got to drag my other two cohorts behind me (kicking and screaming the whole way). Regardless of these factors, we've had a hard time with church ever since we left Manassas. In Manassas we found a great old Episcopal church right off the bat. The people were friendly, the ministers were hilarious, and we really enjoyed going there. That being said, I still had to be the one to drag everyone out the door on Sundays. Here in Fairfax there are 3 options that I've found (relatively close by our house). We started going to one last spring and it was fine, but of course it didn't compare to our old place in Manassas. We continued to go there through the summer, but then it came to be a major burden to get everyone out the door, and so we fell off yet again. In an attempt to rekindle our churchgoing ways, I looked up the other two last night and requested that Brad make a choice, so we could visit one of them today. He picked and we went. It was fine, the people were nice. They had a great concert this morning, all live music and singing, of Vivaldi's Gloria. Yes, it was a bit long, and in Latin, but I enjoyed it immensely. I don't know that I can say the same for Brad & Josh, but they'll survive. After the service, which was just fine, I asked for Brad's reaction and his only real input was a shoulder shrug. He continues to compare everything to Manassas, and that's just not going to be equaled. We're not going to have the same two fabu ministers who were so funny and personable, we're not going to have that same "old small church" feel. These things are not necessarily bad, but it's difficult to give up and let go. We barely make it out the door to church that's 5 minutes away, so you can imagine that we'll most likely never make it to church back in Manassas (we'd have to leave 45 minutes in advance most likely). Regardless, I'm hoping to either continue going to this new place (I really like all of the kid activities they have), or to try out the other local spot some time in the near future.

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