Monday, February 2, 2009

Girl talk

Last week we headed over to Ultrasound Associates for what I like to refer to as the "half-way" ultrasound. The entire purpose of this trip is to see that all your kid's parts are accounted for and developing as they should (it's bad when they're missing things like a spleen, or a brain, or what have you). At this point, if they find something wrong, they can take the necessary steps to try and correct the situation in the hopes that you'll still have a happy healthy kid in another 5 months. While they're scanning around looking at parts, they also discover what flavor of kid you'll be having. You can opt in or out of this part depending on what your preference is (though I have a very difficult time understanding why anyone wouldn't want to know - even though I know several people who wanted to wait on the "surprise"). I find this to be the very most important part of the entire pregnancy process (note that I despise the entire process and can't understand why people do it over and over and over again). Once you know what you've got growing in there you can focus on a name (which is extremely important), registering for stuff (mind you, you can register whenever you want, with or without this information - I just find it easier since so many things are quite gender specific), and get people off your case (perhaps the most important thing of all).

So, we ALL went to this appointment since Josh expressed some interest in seeing the sibling to come. Once we got in the room the lady asked if we would be finding out what we were having and I said "oh yes please, that's the only reason we're here." She then asked Josh what he wanted. While he's flip flopped on this several times, he told her he'd like it to be a boy. I chimed in that I was interested in having a girl, so if she could just make sure that's what it was we'd be all set. Looking around, everything was just dandy. All the parts were accounted for and developing nicely. Heart has 4 working chambers, brain is formed and has the necessary ventricles, 2 arms, 2 legs, nice round head, very nice and intricate spine. All is fine and dandy. Finally we get to the part where she says "oh yes, that's definitely a girl." This of course made me very happy as I'm always keen to get my way. The major issue that this poses is that I have no clue what to name a girl. I don't like every name that I see (virtually), and when I do see a name that I like it's already been taken by someone I know (and I'm very against duplicating names for the most part). I didn't want to name Joshua, "Joshua," but rather wanted to go with Gavin. I'll have you know that I've only ever met two "Gavins" in my entire life - neither of which was a child. I personally know alot of Joshuas, and he's run in to plenty of them in school as well. This is what I was trying to avoid, but compromises are often necessary and so that's the concession I made. This will not happen again. Regardless, it doesn't make the naming process any easier. We'll probably keep our final name decision to ourselves until we've actually got a little person to apply it to, but perhaps, we'll make an announcement sooner - who knows.

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