Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Rehearsal & Dinner - Part 3 of Katie's Wedding Weekend

Yes, I fell off the blogging wagon for a bit. It's been a bit busy around here, but I'm committed to finishing this series... honest.

Ok, so, as customary with weddings, we had a rehearsal and a rehearsal dinner. I got up that morning still hacking from the night before and with about 50% of the voice I came to town with. This was not at all my idea of a good time, so after breakfast we headed out to find a drug store... or any store for that matter that might have something to make the hacking stop and my throat feel better. I had Katie's GPS in the car as we'd been sharing it for the past few days. Surely it would tell us the fastest way to a drug store... or not. First it said there was a CVS inside the mall... there was not. Next it said there was a CVS up the road... there was not. So I gave up on the CVS and tried for another drug store... it didn't exist either. Finally I called Katie who called down to the concierge at the hotel who told her there was a Walgreens down 206. So we head down 206, but find no Walgreens. Thankfully, about 5 minutes away there was a Wegmans and that was just as good as anything else. We needed some drinks and snacks, so we shopped around for a bit, picked up what we needed and headed back to the hotel. I promptly took 3 kids of drugs and took a short nap. I felt 75% better once I got up, and so I proceeded to get ready to head over to the venue. Once we arrived we waited for quite some time for everyone else, but finally everyone in the wedding party showed up and the rehearsal was underway. Since it was December, and the ceremony was outside, we all bundled up and headed out to practice. It was only about 12 below, so we huddled together to conserve heat and hoped the officiant wasn't too horribly long winded. Thankfully he got through it pretty quickly and we all rushed back inside to thaw out. Everyone piled back in to their cars and we shoved off for dinner. We enjoyed a lovely 4 course italian meal that was really delightful, and everyone was stuffed when it was all said and done. I discovered over the course of the evening (via a nasty message to my sacrum) that heels were not going to be a part of the remainder of my wedding weekend. I made a mental note to head to the mall first thing in the morning to pick up a pair of flats (or the lowest heels I could find).

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