Monday, July 21, 2008

Jenny is coming, Jenny is coming!

Once upon a time, in a land far far away (ok, not that far away, it was just Alexandria), a 12 year old girl was forcibly moved to a farm house 5 miles out a dirt road in West - by God - Virginia... with me being the aforementioned 12 year old girl. This was an unpleasant experience as one might imagine, but I survivied it thanks to another 12 year old girl who lived about 4 miles out a dirt road, just "around the corner" from myself . This girl proceeded to be the bestest best friend anyone could ever ask for. She was cool, fashionable, kind and patient, generally adventurous, had a cool big sister, horses, dogs, and cats. When you're 5 miles out a dirt road these things are even more important than in other locations. So she and I became friends, and as the years went on we continued to be friends until one day we graduated from high school and went off to college where we lived in a house together, and miraculously.... remained friends. Lesser people might have beat the ever-living crap out of me for not coming home from the club one night (that took great restraint on her part), for bringing random boys home from the club (he turned out ok - hell, we're still friends), and for getting her boyfriend drunk and then sending him off to bed for her to deal with. Before I get myself in to too much trouble, I'll stop digressing and move on to the story at hand.

So, this friend and I have been separated by some geography for many years now, and this has led to us not seeing one another but maybe once or twice a year (and that's once or twice a year when I come to visit her). She came to visit once when I was pregnant, once before I got married, for my actual wedding, and then not once since. In her defense she is quite busy, with a job, a farm, a husband and now two little girls. For the most part I've understood when she told me that she just can't get away to come for a visit, but I can't help but think (often) that she could really use a getaway. A weekend or so to just come and relax and do something fun - just for her. Forget about the husband and the kids and whatever else goes on at home. Everyone needs that sometimes, right?

Finally, finally, finally! This is the weekend. It's been years and years and years, but she's coming to visit! The last time she and I went to anything that could be remotely construed as a club was in 1995 (I think), so I've planned that for our Saturday night. From there I think we'll do some fun stuff around town and maybe shop (cause who doesn't love to shop).

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Sara Gorman said...

Hope you guys have fun this upcoming weekend. I'm sure it will give you plenty of fodder for next week's posts. :) And thanks for checking out my blog - it was good to hear from you!