Monday, July 21, 2008

The great blog consolidation

So, it turns out I've got WAY to many blogs. Seriously, I've got like 4, and nobody needs 4 when you can just have 1. For months and months now I've been in a great debate (with myself) as to the best way to go about consolidating these blogs in to a single blog. There is no really good answer, but I've decided that perhaps this blog should be the "primary" blog and I'll just let all the other blogs go. This is sort of a shame as there are some really awesome posts on my other blogs that won't ever be seen by those only seeing my new "primary" blog. Nonetheless, this is a necessary change, and there'll be other good blogs to come.

Blogs that I've used previously:

Blog that I'll post to going forward:
This one right here that you're reading, genius!

1 comment:

Holly said...

Haha love the blog about blogging Caroline! I've thought about starting up a blog...but I don't know...Am I that interesting? hehe