Thursday, May 29, 2008

Gearing up for summer

Things have been sorta crazy in my life (really for quite sometime now as I can't recall when the craziness actually started), and sometimes I forget what it's like to have a nice relaxing summer (like I used to have when I didn't work in the summertime). Even the weekends are crazy around here. For at least a month now we've had something going on every weekend in addition to the normal weekday madness. We did a thorough spring cleaning, Julie came for dinner, Josh had a birthday and subsequent party, Julie graduated from Georgetown (so proud), Alex & Troy got married, and now my mother and her new husband will be coming down for dinner tomorrow. How many weekends was that again? What happend the weekend before we did the spring cleaning? I can't recall cause my brain only holds so much useless information (I try to keep spaces reserved for the important stuff, but even that gets pushed aside every now and then).
It seems that Memorial Day has crept up on us (and by holiday standards has already passed us by), and summer came right along with it. One minute it was cold and wet out, then the holiday came, and the sun shone brightly and it was hot.... really hot! Amazing how that happens. So now that we're well in to bright, sunny, hot days, I feel the need for a more summer-like activities. This includes:
  • very hot nights out on the town
  • entire weekends lying by the pool (or actually swimming in it)
  • grilling 5 nights a week
  • long walks with the dog
  • and hopefully a trip to the beach

I'm trying to kick things off right this week, so I've started to check items off my list.
  • I haven't actually planned the trip to the beach yet, but it's something we've discussed - check. Took the dog round the lake - check.
  • Grilled out on Monday - check(ish).
  • Pool membership secured - check (now I just need the time to actually get in).
  • And last, but not least, I'm planning a night out with Kaycee (and hopefully Bethy and Shannon) on Saturday - which is sure to be a good time (and hot).

Anyway, here's to a great summer - hopefully :)

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