Friday, February 1, 2008

Finding the map obsessed

I've been a map-lover my entire life - though only those really close to me actually know it. This tid bit about me came out at a recent work-sponsored holiday party, and some coworkers encouraged me to try and find a group of map-lovers like myself. For whatever reason, the thought of other people being equally as obsessed with maps never really crossed my mind. Nonetheless, I somewhat stumbled upon another map obsessed individual when searching for the next opening of the MAPS: Findnig our place in the world exhibit. There, along with exhibit information is a link to the Map Festival Blog. This person - waaaaaaayyyyyy more of a map lover than I could ever aspire to be - or at least she writes about it and takes the time to post it on here. I could talk all day about maps, but I can't promise it would be remotely interesting. I could call my blog "Musings of a Map Obsessed Werido," but I'm not sure that would draw the crowds either. Nonetheless, I encourage you to check out the MAPs exhibit (I'll be going with as many people as I can drag along) and at the very least the festival blog - good stuff, good stuff.

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