Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dress shopping

This is probably news to half of the population, but my sister is getting married. Yes, yes, it's true. She and Bekir got engaged last winter and are getting married in December up in New Jersey at a great place that I was fortunate enough to see when we were up there doing wedding planning things a couple of weeks ago.
This brings me to my current issue of dress shopping. Seeing how I'm the only sister, I get the honor of being the Matron (cause I'm so matronly) of Honor. Katie has decided that nobody is going to wear the same dress, but rather we'll all just wear the same color. This being said, she won't be choosing a dress for anyone, so it's up to each of us in the bridal party to peruse the racks at David's Bridal and select the dress in Velvet Blue that is to our liking. Katie and I will be heading over to the Springfield store tomorrow night to see what we can find. I've made a quick list of my favorites (per what I see online, and that's no guarantee these same dresses will look remotely good on me). I've made a short list, so feel free to give me your opinion on one or all of them.

Cocktail length halter
Strapless chiffon bubble
Asymmetrical strapless chiffon
Strapless crinkle chiffon
Tea length satin halter
Strapless beaded ball gown

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