Friday, June 4, 2010

Rugby season comes to a close

Yesterday was SJC Rugby's end of the year alumni v/s seniors game (though we had several juniors playing), and subsequent picnic. We managed to get through the game without an actual "storm," but the rain did come, and thunder was periodic. Unfortunately it did come through shortly after the whistle blew, and everyone was forced to crowd in to the concession stand and press-box. It was "cozy." We had our usual end of the year speeches from the coaches and boosters and team captains, but an extra surprise was handed down by our head coach who announced he would be stepping down and passing the torch to one of the assistant coaches. This was pretty shocking to most of the guys, but certainly understandable considering his wife is having baby number 2 here in just a few weeks, and baby number 1 is only two years old. The guys works insane hours at his actual job on top of all the time he puts in to coaching and orchestrating the rugby team. I'm certain his family would like to see him alot more than they do.
All that being said, I am not entirely sure that wasn't my last hurrah with the team. I've got a couple of pending job applications in the works, and am constantly looking for other opportunities to pursue. Partly because I just want to return to full-time athletic training, and party because I need to make considerably more money. Heading back to full-time athletic training would prevent me from working with the team (for about 30% of the games anyway). Who knows what will happen, and I wasn't about to stand up there yesterday and make any pre-emptive speeches about how enjoyable it was to work with everyone.

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