Thursday, September 25, 2008

Warning, your pill might make your nose itch...

I had a bit of a learning experience today - and then not so much of a learning experience. A friend of mine (who shall remain nameless) had a bit of a "scare" per an "incident" yesterday that required some quick action and a trip to the pharmacy. If you've got any sort of clue in the world you will deduct from the previous statement what I'm talking about.
Now, oddly enough, I came to be the primary provider of information on the subject of this certain type of "medication" simply because I took the time to learn about it many years ago. This might have been because I was in a pharm class at the time, or it might have been just because I was interested to know how the drug worked. Regardless, I found myself spewing information regarding the topic and action of said drug. Inevitably it was me who employed the drug website to find a pharmacy who had it in stock and then me who also drove the getaway car to pick the stuff up.
Upon getting in the car after an oh-so-brief trip in to Rite-Aid, I snatched up the package to read all about what she bought. There wasn't alot of new information, but I did learn a few new interesting things.
  • This product will this stop your normal process from occurring (which is primarily why it works - no new news there)
  • This product may stop the process from escalating if the normal process has already occurred.
  • This product may also stop the process which has already escalated from escalating further if said process has not already taken up shop in the shed.

Good stuff, I know.

Other interesting tid-bits...

  • This product contains lactose (so in our theory it could be problematic for those who are lactose intolerant)

This part was particularly hilarious because we then got in to a discussion about what you'd do if you were to have an allergic reaction to said minuscule ingredient. Anaphalaxis was mentioned, severe gastrointestinal upset, hives, oh, and an itchy nose (which is my reaction to a certain ingredient present in many types of chewing gum). Yes, we decided that it would be truly unfortunate if your pill made your nose itch.

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