Friday, August 8, 2008

Seattle is cool

The first leg of my trip up to Alaska was to fly out to Seattle. I had lots of miles from all my business trips, so I decided to go ahead and upgrade myself to first class as a special treat (for a really long flight). Rene, jump rope goddess of the world and workshop cohort, kindly offered up her place for me to stay the night and we would go together to Bellingham in the a.m. So I flew in around 3pm, took a cab to Rene's and called my cousin Mike to see if he was game for giving me a 25 cent tour of Seattle and possibly grabbing dinner. Rene was at a pre-convention meeting, so Mike came and we went out to see what there was to see.
Having not been to Seattle before, I wanted to see the touristy things as well as the not so touristy things that regular people do around town. We went to Pikes Place Market and I got Brad a mug from Starbucks (cause that's the sole thing he asked for on this trip). We drove around town cause it was raining (shocker) and got out at the Space Needle to take some pics. There are lots of cute shops and older, quaint parts of town that I could spend days wandering around in, but it wasn't going to happen on this trip. We drove down to the Akei (forgive me if I've misspelled this) beach where Mike likes to take his dog for walks and saw cool views of the city. We finished up the tour with dinner at the Pyramid brewery. I got a "taste" of the place in just a couple of hours, and there's certainly incentive to come back and explore further.

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