Friday, August 8, 2008

Onward to Bellingham

The second leg of the Alaska trip was from Seattle to Bellingham. The original plan was to take the train up from Seattle, but that plan was somewhat nixed when we discovered that it was an early morning train. The afternoon "train" was actually a bus chartered by Amtrak that you catch at the train station. So, at noon we boarded a bus to Bellingham and were on our way. There were some interesting folks on the bus, several of whom were also heading up to Bellingham to get on the ferry. It was a two hour trip, but it went by quicky with all the great scenery. This was my first trip to Washington, so I was quite content to look out the window at the mountains and such. One lady pointed out some tulip fields, and though they were empty at the time she said they were amazing when in bloom.

Thankfully the train station in Bellingham, where the bus dropped us off, is adjacent to the ferry depot where we needed to catch the boat. We had an absurd number of bags with us, but between the two of us we managed to make it through the parking lot and in to the ferry depot to meet up with our workshop folks and get our tickets squared away for boarding.

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