Friday, November 21, 2008

Secret life of a vampire lover

So, I love vampires. If you knew me in college, you might know this already (though that really depends on what point in college you know me from). I have no idea where the love came from, or when it started, but it's been there for quite some time and was only enhanced by books and movies like Interview with the Vampire and Blade. I have zero desire to suck blood from anyone or anything, nor do I fancy living forever (most days anyway). I just think the idea of vampires is... kinda cool. All of this is in sharp contrast to my extreme fear of horror. Horror in books, movies, real life - not up my alley. Vampires - up my alley.

Did I write this blog just to ramble on pointlessly? Actually, no.

So, today a new movie came out - Twilight. It's based on a book (or maybe a couple of books from the series) targeted at teenage girls. For this reason I haven't read the books, and I'm writing this blog instead of watching the movie (unlike alot of other people I know). I've seen several ads for the movie, so my interest has been piqued for awhile. Yesterday I read a review in the Post that was pretty positive for the flick over all. Today I took Sharon out to lunch (my assistant) and she told me about how her daughter is all gung-ho to go see the movie this evening. Then she told me how her daughter never reads, but was completely obsessed with the book series over the summer and how after her daughter finished the books she picked them up and read them too. Ok, so clearly I'll have to read the books. Seeing how I NEVER get to the movies, I probably won't get to see this in the theatre, but after reading the books I won't want to watch the movie anyway.

I'm generally opposed to books targeted at teenage girls, but for the sake of the vampire theme I'm gonna go ahead and take the leap. I have a feeling that I'll end up with plenty of folks to discuss them with (not unlike the Harry Potter following).

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